where do you ship? how much is it?

We ship all across Canada and the US. Shipping is free for Ontario and Quebec orders over $75 and orders to the rest of Canada and the US over $100! Otherwise shipping is calculated based on weight when you checkout.

i don't want to pay for shipping. do you offer in-store pick up?

Absolutes! And it's free! You can select this option when you checkout (make sure you click the "information" tab before "shipping" or "payment"). We'll usually have your order ready within 24 hours. When it's ready you can pick it up during operating hours at 768 Queen St E.

any tips for shopping vintage online?

It's the same as shopping in our store - promise! Just look for things that make you happy. We only sell tops (tees, sweatshirts, sweaters, tops, etc) online right now because they don't require as exact a fit as jeans and dresses (which we always recommend trying on!)

Everything we sell is for everyone - we don't gender our clothes. Each piece's body width and body length measurements are included in the product description. Use that as a reference.

Any damage to the item will be noted in the product description so you know what you're getting yourself into!

what is the quality of your vintage?

We grade our vintage into two categories:

Great condition

Clothing is in excellent condition. Any staining or damage is minor and unnoticeable. Older pieces will have a bit more wear to them (i.e.: white t-shirts may be yellowed and black t-shirts may be faded). There may be a small mark or tiny pinholes, etc.

Good condition

There may be some slight damage such as a small stain or rip. Usually this grading is used on older pieces that have a bit more wear and tear. If you like a well worn vintage tee and don't mind a few small holes or bleach stains, you'll be fine. None of our pieces have extensive staining or unsightly damage. We stain treat, wash and repair our pieces accordingly to make sure they are as restored / wearable as can be.